Current Campaigns

CRP, #SupportMalonga Coalition Announce Mediation Agreement With Bay Development

In Fall 2015, the Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP) completed the Alice St. Mural, after two years of work. The mural reflected a new model for community engagement—dozens of interviews with cultural practitioners and neighborhood residents were completed—and represented a successful application of the city of Oakland’s underutilized anti-blight mural fund. Yet just a few months […]

CRP and Local Residents Launch Petition and Fundraiser for Community Benefits from Alice Street Development

The Community Rejuvenation Project  — in solidarity with artists from the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, the Chinatown Coalition, local residents and businesses —  has launched a petition to Maria Poncel of Bay Development to demand community benefits from the development of the parking lot at 250 14th Street. In addition, the community has […]

Developers: Public Art “Something That’s Not Really Needed”

Oakland’s cultural shift is real, it’s happening right now, and its impacts could be devastating from a long-term perspective – unless there is a strong, concerted effort from both the cultural community and the larger community to organize around anti-displacement and cultural resiliency efforts. That’s the short version; the longer version goes something like this: […]

Cultural Resilience, Community Engagement, and Addressing Displacement from an Equity Standpoint

In the wake of the recent completion of the mural dedicated to murdered painter Antonio Ramos and Soul of Oakland and OCNC rallies to defend Oakland’s culture, CRP painted the outside walls of community organization Qilombo as part of an anti-gentrification rally. Most of the massive wall, which features portraits of Assata Shakur,Thomas Sankara, and Amed […]

CRP Murals Chosen as Backdrops By Conscious Hip-Hop Artists

For the past four years, the Community Rejuvenation Project has been putting in work deep in the trenches of Oakland’s streets, painting murals with images and messages of upliftment, inspiration, struggle, and resistance. Recently, it’s come to our attention that several of our murals have been used as backdrops for videos by conscious rappers with […]

All-City Mural Project

Based on the success of 2010′s Peace and Dignity Mural Monument, CRP is creating a series of large-scale murals spanning the entire city of Oakland. Unfortunately, two murals commissioned by the City to improve blighted neighborhoods in East Oakland, originally slated for Summer 2012, were put on hiatus after the state of California eliminated its Redevelopment Agency, which the City of Oakland used to fund the project; CRP is currently organizing a neighborhood advocacy campaign to ensure funding for these murals is restored. The other projects are moving forward: CRP and People’s Grocery will be partnering to paint the entire building housing PG’s operations at 7th and Market. CRP will be creating an arts district centering around San Pablo and Alcatraz in North Oakland through a series of five murals. Finally, CRP will be creating a large-scale mural in downtown with Bay Area Legal Aid.

Funktown Arts District

The Funktown Arts District was created by the Community Rejuvenation Project in 2009 at the Parkway Theater. The theater’s sudden closure devastated the community and led to immediate blight and disrepair. CRP’s painting of the Parkway and three other walls in the immediate area with dedications to musicians and cultural icons have supported the growth and success of local businesses. CRP routinely paints new works on the theater, such as a portrait of Trayvon Martin, to keep the area vibrant.

San Pablo Cultural Arts Corridor

In 2011, CRP was approached by the San Pablo Avenue Golden Gate Improvement Association (SPAGGIA) to create a series of murals on San Pablo Ave between 60th Ave and Alcatraz. The first mural out of five has been completed on Golden Gate Liquors on 60th St. called “Pedal Power to the People.” A second project called “Sacred Seeds” was also commissioned on Stanford and 60th. SPAGGIA will be holding a series of fundraisers throughout the summer of 2012 for the next three murals.

People’s Grocery / Phat Beets

CRP’s partnership with Phat Beets and People’s Grocery began in 2011 with a garden mural in Dover Park painted live during the Cesar Chavez celebration. CRP was then invited to contribute portraits of local heroes at the Chestnut Green Corridor behind the California Hotel. In total, CRP has painted 7 portraits on Chestnut and added a mural in the People’s Garden during the Corridor dedication in April 2012. CRP’s next project will be painting the People’s Grocery headquarters on 7th and Market.

Youth Radio

In the summer of 2011, CRP was hired by Youth Radio to conduct a 4 – session mural workshop with students in its summer program. Over the course of four weeks, the group designed and painted a full color mural on two 4′ x 8′ wood panels that were placed behind Youth Radio’s altar on their first floor to augment a space set aside to remember the community’s loved ones.


CRP has had an ongoing relationship with ARISE High School, beginning with several small indoor murals in classroom and hallways. At the beginning of 2012, CRP artists lead a team of 20 youth on a large scale mural on a blighted auto shop at 8th Ave. and Fruitvale. Despite experience in the aerosol medium, the students took on exceptionally difficult tasks of drawing sacred geometric patterns, accurately rendering the Mexica Sunstone (Aztec Calendar), and drawing the magnetic field of the heart. The resulting “Heart and Mind” mural was a source of pride for everyone involved.

Ashland Cherryland Garden and Arts Network (ACGAN)

CRP began its collaboration with ACGAN in 2010 by painting a live community mural at its 10/10/10 event held in conjunction with a nationwide day of action with This project was followed up with another mural the following year highlighting the role of bees called “Pollinate Your Community.” CRP remains involved with this grassroots program to transform the blight in Ashland and Cherryland.


Local Heroes

Many Bay Area based personages have been immortalized as characters in CRP murals.

Legendary Musicians

CRP has been inspired by the works of many seminal musical artists. Commemorating then in paint is a good way to acknowledge their amazing contributions.


Healthy Living

One of the most consistent messages in CRP’s artwork is living healthy. Whether it is through exercise such as biking, breaking, or dance; or through growing one’s own food, CRP strives to make the connection between culture and subsistence in all of its work. CRP has created bike murals for the Brown Berets’ Bike Shack in Watsonville and Richmond Spokes. On Diego’s Power Alley Gym, CRP emphasized the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit. On the Peace and Dignity mural monument in Fruitvale, Mexica superfoods agave and amaranth were highlighted with runners; World famous b-boy ReMinD was featured dancing on the Heart and Mind mural, also in the Fruitvale district.

Indigenous Traditions

As part of CRP’s philosophy that ancient wisdom has lessons for modern times, the collective often incorporates indigenous practices into its art – much of which has to do with healing and internal realization. This can encompass a wide variety of influences. Source material includes sacred geometrical forms; folklore, mythology, and symbolism from First Nation cultures (among them Azteca, Mayan, Olmec, Toltec, Apache, Ohlone, Incan, Hopi, Iriquois, Cherokee, etc.); Hindu/Buddhist prayer wheels and mandalas; Kemetic (Egyptian) deities and symbols; Taoist iconography; and modern versions of these forms as found in science, metaphysics and literature.