Block Parties

The final step in giving ownership of a mural to the community is the hosting of a free block party. These parties celebrate the creation of new artworks in public spaces, and the sharing of rejuvenatory practices with the community, as well as upholding time-honored hip-hop tradition. Block parties will usually feature a live performance component and/or a DJ, along with dancers—from B-Boys to traditional indigenous groups—food, and beverages. Local performers with a conscious message are invited to rock the mic and there is always healthy food with a vegan option. In the past, CRP block parties have partnered with Roots and Branches, Original Scraper Bikes, and G4G Mobile. Members of the public are encouraged to attend – it’s a great way to meet CRP artists, be part of a community, and commemorate the positive contributions of public art.

Art Exhibitions

CRP art exhibits, which generally happen once or twice a year, feature photographic print representations of our vibrant murals—everything from exquisitely detailed sections of large works, to abstract compositions, to portraits and “in-the-moment” shots taken on location. Exhibitions also feature stencils, ink, or pencil drawings, canvases, fine art, and other creative compositions by the CRP collective. They also offer an easy way for the public to access CRP merchandise—magazines, T-shirts, posters, prints, and stickers. Gallery and art space bookers: if you are interested in hosting a CRP exhibition, contact us at


These include fundraisers for other organizations as well as fundraisers for CRP projects. In March 2012, CRP hosted Bike Bingo Night at the Actual Café to raise funds for a mural on San Pablo and 60th. The event featured an auction of works painted by CRP on the spot. CRP also painted live at the 2012 Oakland Indie Awards, creating a larger-than-life portrait of legendary Oakland jazz musician Kahlil Shaheed for a fundraiser for the organization Shaheed founded, Oaktown Jazz workshop. In addition, CRP founder Desi WOME regularly paints live at the quarterly Lyricist Lounge parties, donating art for charity.

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