“CRP has provided incredible assistance and inspiration  for us in  expressing the cultural identity of our city and community through our Greenway Mural Project .  This project is a reflection of a community-in-action, especially our youth, who are deeply committed to making the Greenway an expression of our values and mission to bring about a healthy and creative Richmond.”

-Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor, City of Richmond

“I’ve been familiar with CRP for a few years now, and there work has never ceased to strike me as extraordinary. Their process of aggregating the ideas and dreams of the community in visual form is beautiful, and the way the images organically appear as they paint is inspiring. I was excited when the opportunity arose to work with them, because People’s Grocery’s work in food is all about translating culture into reality for folks living in poverty. Seeing a painted representation of the deeper meaning behind our work will keep us motivated every day.”

–Nikki Henderson, Executive Director, Peoples Grocery

“I contracted with CRP to create a mural in the Fruitvale district of Oakland, and my supervisors and I at the Oakland Redevelopment Agency were really happy with the results. Desi is very professional, positive and pleasant to work with.  The mural is beautiful. Most importantly, CRP did an excellent job involving the community in the creative process.  Every time that I stopped by the site I saw members of the community observing or participating in the mural work.  CRP reached out to kids who were casually passing by and also had more formal visits from local school groups. I hope to have the opportunity to hire CRP again!

–Daniel Seamans, City of Oakland , Office of Neighborhood Investment

“The process has been very holistic. We spent time visioning about West Oakland, food and the importance of the mural reflecting the community. We were able to involve our neighbors in creating images that reflect them. Youth from Civic Corp have helped with the mural. Working with CRP muralist has been breathtaking at times – they are so conscious of environment, reflecting on nature and so knowledgeable about ‘writing” . They are powerful representatives of their craft. Looking forward to the celebration or the land and the images they have reflected back.”

–Jumoke Hinton Hodge, Program Manager, People’s Grocery

“It was an honor to work with Desi and the CRP artists. They have absolutely captured the spirit and diversity of the neighborhood, and have made walking or riding the Greenway an unforgettably beautiful experience.”

– Michelle Seville, Arts and Culture Manager, City of Richmond

“United Roots has been hosting Community Rejuvenation Project meetings and programs at our community center for over 3 years now. CRP is a co-founder of United Roots, and when we opened our center, CRP organized the painting of our building by a group of community artists. CRP has painted extraordinary murals throughout Oakland and documented these paintings in a book produced at United Roots in 2010.”

–Galen Peterson, Co-Executive Director, United Roots

“Today was very special! I had the opportunity to collaborate on a project with some of the most talented street artist[s] in Northern California. I couldn’t be more proud to acknowledge these artist straight out of Oakland, CA. They painted 4 pieces for me, that I intend on using for a variety of upcoming projects. I want to give a huge huge shout-out to the Oakland based Community Rejuvenation Project / Weapons Of Mass Expression. You guys did an amazing job! Incredible!!”

Justin McLeod Bethune, jthune.com

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