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Race of Woman in Arkadelphia Mural uncovers Racism in the Community

Here is a story that demonstrates some of the issues that can arise when a mural touches a deeper seeded issue in the community. Some community residents got offended when the central image in an Arkadelphia mural was “too dark-skinned” for them. Some people working with the artist even suggested that he should “lighten her […]

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See Orozco’s Mural in a New Light

This gives you a better definition about what CRP stand for. They are all about murals and with this being a historical piece of art this is a great story to share with you. There is a lot of meaning behind this mural. It tells the story of indigenous people and European historical experiences. The […]

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Cairo’s superficial clean-up brings artists out in force

The people of Cairo’s response to the whitewashing of murals and writing created during Egypt’s revolution has been very telling about the role of art in uprising. For the newly empowered authorities, the upheaval is over and there is a need to return to “order.” The people’s reaction has been far different. They want the […]

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Toronto looks to Berlin, Philadelphia for Public Art Inspiration

Compared to yesterday’s article on the backwards city of Modesto, Toronto appears to be taking some powerful steps to put together more public art and transform its city.

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Modesto at the Crossroads

Councilman John Gunderson appears to have suggested something practical. Employing aerosol writers to beautify Modesto and develop a colorful, creative attraction for a city lacking in originality. There’s just one problem. He’s opposed by Councilman Dave Lopez, who is advocating for the same failed idea that has never worked! Councilman Lopez is the driving force […]

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LA Mural Ordinance Passes out of City Planning

It’s hard to tell if this is truly a victory or not. The ordinance that passed includes strange provisions such as murals can not be painted on buildings with less than two units. So single residence homes cannot have mural on them? Why not? It has yet to be determined if the final ordinance had […]

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The Censoring of MEAR One

Last week, CRP covered the story of MEAR ONE’s controversial new mural in London, Freedom for Humanity. This week, we are sad to report that Tower Hamlets council is seriously considering erasing the new piece. Notice that, in the original story, the mural has now been labelled as “Anti-Semetic” in large letter, while MEAR’s response […]

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COCO144 + SHIEONE + P.H.A.S.E.2 – 2012

Its always exciting when aerosol elder and pioneer, P.H.A.S.E.2 gets down. This show also  features is 1st generation aerosol pioneer COCO 144 and another of their proteges, SHIE MORENO. As you can imagine, there are some incredible new works. Stay tuned for P.H.A.S.E.2’s latest collaboration with CRP artists RELEASE and Desi W.O.M.E, coming soon!! COCO144 / […]

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The Development of a Street Art Program in Ann Arbor

This story is important to anyone getting involved in public art and murals. On one level, it documents the process, including the bureaucracy and committees, that take place when a city decides to move forward with a public art initiative. The story also demonstrates the deep impact of “street art.” Ann Arbor is far from […]

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Kansas Mural Program Transforms a Neighborhood.

For the most part, the approach used here by Kansas City reflects the values pushed by the Community Rejuvenation Project. CRP believes in community engagement, social relevance and positive messaging in the works, and reflecting the neighborhood residents in its work. We also like to concentrate in a specific area and transform multiple locations to […]

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