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Artists, Musicians and Bernal Community Residents Protest Destruction Of Victor Jara Mural

CRP has always been a strong advocate for mural protections. This story illustrates both the community’s love for murals and the history that they represent as well as the need for protections against murals being destroyed. Most muralists are not aware of the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) and the scope of legal protections already […]

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Precita Eyes Hold 35th Anniversary Celebration

Precita Eyes is one of oldest and most amazing community mural organizations in the country. Based in the Mission district of San Francisco, Precita Eyes’ impact has been felt throughout the Bay Area. Precita Eyes has been supportive of the aerosol culture. This should be a powerful event and you can check it out after […]

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At Harlem Hospital, Murals Get a New Life

The WPA murals reflect more than the just a time when the arts flourished. They also demonstrate the way that arts have been integral in creating a thriving economy as well as defining culture in historical periods. WPA murals put a lot of artists to work and created something powerful and lasting. These ideas have […]

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CRP Artist Release Paints Vertical Elevator Shaft

In the world of visual, aerosol-based art, there’s the conventional, and then there’s the amazing. Recently, Release – a member of Oakland-based mural art collective Community Rejuvenation Project – accomplished the latter, painting a 30-foot tall vertical piece in a warehouse elevator shaft. Inspired by painting two outlines by aerosol legend Phase 2, the artwork […]

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San Jose and the Privatization of Abatement

CRP has been following and researching graffiti abatement policy for many years. One of the trends in the field of graffiti abatement has been the privatization of abatement and the outsourcing of abatement contracts from city Public Works agencies to private corporations. This short article is particularly interesting because the city of San Jose has […]

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Guatemalan family uncovers ancient Mayan murals on their kitchen walls during home renovation

While CRP is opposed to the digging up of people’s burial grounds and the removal (theft) of indigenous materials from museums, we thought this was a cool discovery. We wonder what people will think when our murals are discovered in 500 years. The kitchen of a house in the impoverished town of Chajul, Guatemala, is […]

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Venice Art Walls avoid closure with help of non-profits

Venice Beach is home to one of the oldest and most well-known legal walls for aerosol culture. Its is similar to the “free walls,” which are basically a spray paint free-for-all, with the important exception. It has a curator. In the past, aerosol writers regulated the production on walls by a simple code that if you […]

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Ald. Danny Solis paying Muralists to repaint to remake 1.5 mile stretch of 16th Street in Pilsen

The Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago has a long history of Xicano artwork and murals. It is home to the National Mexican Museum of Art. A primarily Mexican community for many years, many people have been displaced by gentrification by the University of Illinois at Chicago, who bought up the entire Maxwell Street area on the […]

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Harlem Rejuvenated by Colorful, Eye Catching Output of Youth in Summer Jobs Program

Although the Community Rejuvenation Project was formed in 2005, it didn’t take off until the summer of 2009, when Elijah Pfotenhauer, Desi W.O.M.E and Mike 360 created five major murals (including 3 whole building pieces) in East Oakland with 30 youth employment through a summer program. CRP just completed another summer youth employment project on […]

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More on the Chinese Consulate’s Attack on Pro-Tibet / Taiwan Mural

CRP has been closely following the unfolding drama in Corvallis CA. The Chinese consulate has been caught in a case of long-distance censorship, attempting to silence calls for Taiwan and Tibet’s independence and a cease in the brutal repression of their people. This situation speaks to the responsibilities and challenges faced by public artists. There […]

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