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A Mural Installation Isn’t a Weapon of Mass Reproduction

In an effort to bring attention to the issues around murals CRP is posting relevant articles and statements by muralists to further represent the muralists’ perspectives. This article is reprinted from the SPARC website by Ed Fuentes on July 24, 2012 11:35 AM From an art culture that uses political content to drive its narrative, a demonstration of […]

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Muralist Judy Baca On L.A.’s Digital Divide

In an effort to bring attention to the issues around murals CRP is posting relevant articles and statements by muralists to further represent the muralists’ perspectives. This article is reprinted from the SPARC website by Judy Baca on July 19, 2012 2:10 PM KCET Departures “Writing on the Wall” guest editorial series continues with Professor Judy Baca, […]

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Rampage of Appreciation!

Words by Network Co-Founder, SusiQ Beck at the Rampage of Appreciation event culminating our community impact project and CRP Bay Area “Amor Cura” mural installation on A Street. We’ve been at work in Ashland Cherryland for over 4 years now, a grassroots, volunteer network of neighbors who believe we can re-create this neighborhood from the […]

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Community Rejuvenation Project Completes New Murals in Richmond’s Greenway

For Immediate Release – August 30, 2012 (Richmond, CA) – Oakland-based artist collective Community Rejuvenation Project today announced the completion of its latest mural project: nine new murals between Harbor Way and Second St., as part of the Richmond Greenway project. The murals, painted over the past four weeks, include the identifying piece “This Way […]

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Let the Healing Begin

reposted from the Ashland Cherryland Garden & Arts Network (ACGAN) blog The Ashland Cherryland Garden & Arts Network and The Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP)  have nearly completed a week-long transformation project in South Cherryland, an unincorporated community on Hayward’s border. The blank and blighted A Street liquor store parking lot received some refreshed soil and wildflower seeds, […]

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CRP “VibesUp” a new mural for the Ashland Cherryland Garden & Arts Network

For Immediate Release – 8/30/2012(Cherryland, CA) The Ashland Cherryland Garden & Arts Network hosted a week-long grassroots community impact project August 18-24th, 2012. The “VibeUp on A Street” project served to transform a well-known trouble-spot: the AAs and N&M Liquor Stores on Hayward’s A Street, at the southern gateway to Cherryland. The cornerstone of the […]

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Richmond Refinery Fire Spotlights Need for Increased Environmental Awareness

For Immediate Release – August 14, 2012 (Richmond, CA) For the past few weeks, the Community Rejuvenation Project has been hard at work at the Greenway in Richmond, part of a collaborative effort with Urban Tilth and the City of Richmond. In addition to the planting of new gardens and the creation of artcrafted benches, […]

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CRP's 'Peace and Dignity' mural on a Smart & Final building on Int'l Blvd in the tagging-plagued Fruitvale district" has remained untouched for three years.

Redevelopment Cuts Point to Growing Need for Comprehensive Abatement Strategy

CRP would like to extend its sincerest appreciation to the city of Oakland for attempting to address blight in East Oakland and involve talented artists such as Dan Fontes, the Estria Foundation and our organization. However, Governor Jerry Brown’s decision to cut state redevelopment agencies, thereby throwing cities all over California into limbo, has left these projects with an uncertain future at best. Even more tragic is the fact these mural projects had run the gauntlet of bureaucratic red tape; they awaited only City Council approval when they were cut. But if new funding isn’t identified and earmarked, these projects will simply disappear, as if they never existed.

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CRP Demands Justice for Trayvon and Shaima

The murders of Trayvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi have capped a recent spate of attacks on unarmed people of color which also include Rahmarlee Graham, who was unarmed when shot by police in his own home, and Kenneth Chamberlain, who was shot in his home by police responding to a medical call. Trayvon’s murder has sparked massive outrage due to the Stanford (Fla.) police’s unwillingness to arrest his admitted shooter, George Zimmerman. Shaima Alawadi was a mother of five children, murdered with a note beside her accusing her of being a terrorist simply for being Iraqi. No one in any of these cases has been charged with a crime.

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Striking with Art: Underground Resistance surfaces in Ghost Town

In solidarity with the Oakland General Strike and the Liberate Oakland Movement, the Community Rejuvenation Project is proud to present our latest mural, “Sprouted Prayers: Underground Resistance.” The project reflects the prayers of our ancestors manifesting in our placement in the struggle today.

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