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CRP x HHREC = Beautiful New Mural in Oakland’s Jack London Sq. District

Celana Pearson is the Program Director for Health Through Art, an initiative of the Health and Human Resource Education Center (HHREC), a non-profit organization located in Oakland’s waterfront warehouse district, near Jack London Square. For many years, the center had waged an ongoing battle with tag vandals and its building was looking a little run-down. […]

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Diego's Power Alley Gym promotes a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

CRP Announces New Mural Abatement Program for Business

Vandalism from graffiti taggers is an ongoing problem for business owners in urban areas. It contributes to blighted neighborhoods, lowers property values, deters customers and repeat business, and can be expensive and frustrating to have to clean up the same walls over and over again. Unfortunately, painting out the problem often just invites more taggers, […]

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crp 28th and MLK part 2 016

Pancho Peskador

A native of Chile, Pancho Peskador grew up under the repressive military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, who came to power when Peskador was a young child. “All my childhood and my adolescence was under a military boot,” he says. “Growing up with stories of people being disappeared, being tortured, being incarcerated, being exiled, repression, those […]

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CRP Launches Alice Street Mural Project Fundraising Campaign

We are proud to announce the launch of the Alice Street Mural Project! Click HERE to Donate! BACKGROUND The Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP) has dedicated itself to cultivating healthy communities through beautification, education & celebration, using public art as a foundation for holistic, positive community engagement. Partnering with local government, community-based organizations, business owners and […]

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The Case for Public Murals as an Alternative to an Ineffective Abatement Model

In a recent Oakland Tribune article —provocatively titled “Extortion or Art”– reporter Matthew Artz put forth that “the city is enjoying a golden age of murals and street art. But it also is grappling with a graffiti epidemic like none it has ever seen.” Artz documented some of the failures of the Oakland City Council’s […]

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CRP Presentation at the Estria Foundation’s 2013 Pecha Kucha Event by Eric Arnold

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Marcus Books owner Blanche Richardson standing with Malcolm X. Photo by Eric Arnold.

CRP Announces New “Abundant Knowledge” Mural for Marcus Books and Community Painting Day

For Immediate Release – 3/22/2013 (Oakland, CA) The Community Rejuvenation Project, an Oakland-based collective of mural artists dedicating to the beautification and upliftment of urban communities, announced today a Community Painting Day, to be held 12pm-4pm at Marcus Bookstore, 3900 MLK Way, Oakland, CA, on March 30, 2013. Community residents are invited to help paint […]

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It’s Time to Rethink Graffiti Abatement Strategies

The answer to the graffiti problem isn’t throwing money down the abatement black hole or instituting stricter zero-tolerance policies. Any viable solution must revolve around the creation of sound, forward-thinking policy which avoids knee-jerk reactionism and repeating mistakes which have been made in the past. San Jose’s example shows that permanent reductions in graffiti vandalism through zero tolerance measures aren’t sustainable, and that with current abatement strategies, sometimes you get less than you pay for.

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A vandalized Zero Graffiti Conference Poster. Evidence of a serious need or ineffectiveness? $17 Billion is spent annually on graffiti abatement. Bad news for property owners. Good news for the industry.

The Zero Graffiti International Conference: At Odds with Long Term Solutions?

The First Annual Zero Graffiti International Conference was held in San Francisco last week. Hundreds of police officers, public works officials, “graffiti” consultants, and industry reps from 52 cities gathered as the industry that has grown up around abatement announced that it had made $17 billion in profit in the United State alone.  Despite the […]

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Bratton, Broken Windows and the Anti-Graffiti Ordinance

What’s perhaps most problematic about both Oakland’s hiring of Bill Bratton and its anti-graffiti ordinance is that they represent a shift in city politics toward tough-on-crime rhetoric as opposed to identifying and pursuing holistic solutions, which could have more beneficial long-term impact.

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