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Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Return to the Detroit Institute of Art

This is a powerful show for numerous reasons. First, the exhibit features two of the world most legendary artists. Second, the event will be held at Detroit Institute of Art, where Rivera created his masterpiece “Detroit Industry” murals. CRP has some close ties to Detroit, both because of its vast amount of public art and […]

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Atlanta’s Living Walls and the Importance of Community Engagement

A consistent challenge that muralists, aerosol writers and “street artists” face if we are concerned with the impact and integrity of the work. On one hand, the bureaucracy, low-budgets of the projects, and city mandated approval processes significantly hinder our ability to significantly build in the communities that we are painting. Unless a community design […]

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The Other Side of the Atlanta Mural Controversy

CRP has already discussed the recent destruction of the mural in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood from the perspective of community engagement.  Living Walls’ process for talking to the neighbors may been lacking to say the least. But the final point that may lead to the ultimate destruction of this wall is not their fault. Living Walls […]

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Atlanta Update: The City Pressure Washes the Paint off of Illegal Buffing

The Drama in the Pittsburgh neighborhood in Atlanta continues. This report shows that the battle did not end with the community painting over Roti’s mural. Instead, mural supporters backed by the Georgia Department of Transportation came back and scrubbed the paint off of the mural in an attempt to restore it. This is a powerful […]

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When Murals Gentrify, the Community Strikes Back!

This mural in southwest Atlanta has caused a major controversy. On one hand, the local former councilperson, Doug Dean, got together with members of the local community and erased a mural without going through any of the proper channels. As activists for mural protections, we advocate for the protection of murals and invoke the federal […]

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Burbank: Graffiti removal worker arrested for tagging, then billing city for clean-up

Graffiti removal and traditional abatement strategies have already proven to ineffective and not cost efficient. The scandal in Burbank exposes how private abatement contractors have abused the system even further. A graffiti-removal worker was arrested for allegedly tagging various locations in Burbank and then fraudulently billing the city to remove the same tags, police said today. (Flickr) […]

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An Innovative Project in Ruston LA.

This project combines two aspects of murals that CRP is consistently checking for: Innovation and Recycling. Stephan Wagner made a series of new artwork in Ruston, LA out of recycled Mardi Gras beads! The artwork is beautiful and intricate, ranging from symbolic pieces, like the one below, to photorealistic. We were wondering if Mardi Gras […]

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Mister F.A.B.’s New “Generation Lost” Video Featuring CRP Murals

We just got a phone call from our partner Martin telling us that some of our murals were in Mister F.A.B.’s new video, “Generation Lost.” We had no idea that we had literally filmed almost half of the video in front of the Madre Maiz mural that we did on People’s Grocery earlier this year. […]

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More on Toronto’s “Graffiti Panel”

Reading the comments made by the panel below illustrates how hideous this process really is. The decision of whether or not keep a piece is purely a matter of discretion, with no standards in place. There is no requirement that the committee be at all versed in the aerosol culture nor do they consider the […]

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CRP at Oakland’s First Fridays

CRP artists Riot 505, Release, Mike 360, Pancho and Desi W.O.M.E collaborated on a new piece entitled “Wake Up – Take Off Your Blinders” as part of November’s First Friday Art Explosion, a monthly artwalk and street festival which attracts tens of thousands of people to downtown Oakland every month. Riot 505 provided the design for […]

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