Mural Registry Initiative


Without a way to protect sanctioned public art, unauthorized buff jobs by rogue DPW workers will continue to be an unfortunate reality of city life.


The Mural Registry Initiative, a comprehensive listing of public artwork in a city.

How it works:

Public murals are added to an interactive, searchable database which includes the name of the artist(s), the location, photos of the mural, video and audio tales of the meaning and purpose of the mural, and tags connecting the mural to other works by the same artist or similar themes. Community residents can register public art even if the artists and/ or property owners are unknown, and they will be protected from unauthorized abatement by city public works and code enforcement agencies. These measures create additional protections for public artwork, and also allow culture-keepers, art tourists, historians, academics and city officials to effortlessly locate a city’s many murals – currently a daunting task!

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