Policy Initiatives

CRP is committed to helping develop sustainable policy initiatives in the areas of youth development, blight reduction, and cultural arts.

We believe in a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to policy, one that takes into account the greatest needs of communities and best use of available resources. Innovation and inventiveness are key, as is self-determination, education, and mutual respect. Just as a painting can transform a blighted area, so too can an effective, intelligent policy.

Our policy platform is informed by our on-the-ground experience both as a self-contained organization and in collaborative projects with our community partners; in our programs, we strive for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, stretching meager resources for maximum impact. This know-how translates to our efforts in helping cities, neighborhood associations, community organizations, and non-profits reshape urban policy around blight reduction and public art. We want all our community and civic partners to be on the same page, and we are happy to serve as the connecting link between organizations. Ultimately the goal is to create a flourishing, public art space which supports youth development, healthy, sustainable living, antiviolence, and cultural education which reducing or eliminating blight and negative health factors associated with blight, such as crime.

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