CRP has taught classes and workshops through numerous schools and youth programs,

including Unity High, ARISE, Fremont High, Calvin Simmons Middle School, Havenscourt, CCPA, Roots, Youth Radio, Lao Community Development Inc., Lighthouse Community Charter, University of Hip-Hop, Youth Uprising, Eastlake YMCA, YMCA Teen Center, Oakland High, California College of the Arts, Redwood Day School and OASIS High School.


Arrow-Soul Arts

For the past six years, CRP has provided a year-round after-school aerosol intensive at Oakland Unity High School called Arrow-Soul Arts. Led by CRP Founder Desi Mundo, 20 freshmen students begin with a comprehensive unit that traces the development of the NYC subway writing movement, while translating each student’s identity into a unique style of writing. This culminates in a rite-of-passage where each youth creates their first 4′x8′ masterpiece. The group then studies mural design to create an increasingly intricate series of projects, culminating in a full-scale community mural.

CRP artists are available for after-school classes.

Rates are based on the instructor’s level of experience, the amount of classes requested and the length of classes. CRP’s After-school curriculum can be tailored for school year, semester or trimester long courses.

Youth Development

CRP mentors young artists through experiential mural projects. 2 – 4 CRP artists work with groups of youth up to 30 to create large scale community rejuvenation projects, including mural painting, documentation through photography and video, community clean-up and community surveying. These large scale projects are often supported by schools or youth employment agencies.


CRP artists provide intensive workshops ranging from 1 hr – 1 month for middle and high school students.

Topics include:

  • Aerosol History
  • Slideshow
  • Aerosol Training
  • Stencil Making
  • Mural Making
  • Letters and Style
  • Gardening
  • Drawing and Graphics

Workshops rates range based on the experience of the artist, the amount of time requested, and the amount of students. Travel costs may be required for engagements outside the immediate Bay Area.

To learn more about booking an educational program with CRP, please inquire at or fill out the form below

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