Best Practices

CRP’s many years of experience in the education and youth development fields, as well as professional public artists, have led to the development of numerous best practices for working with youth in and out of the classroom. These practices include training administrators and staff on the expectations, process, and implementation of public art models in diverse settings and scenarios. From a scaffolded classroom on aerosol history and fundamentals, to creating a school murals, to working on a community project with youth and families, CRP has the experience and track record to deliver a quality experience for any age group. Contact CRP for a workshop, a consultation, or to develop your arts program today.

Youth Development

CRP’s “ArrowSoul After-School Arts Program” promotes the organic, holistic and humanistic values. Aerosol writing classes promote the development of the understanding of an individual’s identity, with an emphasis on originality and finding the unique characteristics that make each of us valuable. In addition, the facilitation of creative outlets is inherently therapeutic and strengthens the child’s emotional stability and healthy development. Drawing and spray painting skills are not acquired overnight. They require determination, practice, and consistency. Working on collaborative murals builds teamwork, group trust, and work ethic. Creating public artwork develops the capacity to engage the community, forges civic pride and builds responsibility. Passing on these traditions forms patience, a deeper understanding of the practice and the ability to teach. All of the characteristics make a young person more employable. The development of artistic abilities opens up opportunities in the creative fields both within CRP as well as independently.

Training and Vocational Development

CRP has conducted several youth employment projects in collaboration with partner organizations, Urban Tilth and Youth Spirit Artworks as well as employing 30 youth with Lao Community Development Corporation. These programs include professional development training as well as onsite skill building that develops work experience.

“ArrowSoul”‘s youth mentorship program develops youth leadership through supervised teaching activities at its middle school sites. High school students are given thorough training in CRP’s best teaching practices while developing their own curricula. Each class is supervised by professional adults artists. Upon completion of a minimum two years of teacher training and graduation from high school, “ArrowSoul” seeks to place its former students in paid teaching positions.

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