Commission a Mural

No matter the size or the complexity, CRP is ready to create beautiful and vibrant artwork for you. CRP artists can design, paint and maintain your next project to almost any scale imaginable. CRP artists will create uniquely custom artistic designs at your place of business, office, house, school, or organization, on a surface of your choosing. Inside, outdoor, onsite, long-distance – the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s a series of work on canvas to decorate the inside of your business, or the outside wall of your building to promote your organization, or celebrate your community, CRP has the capacity, experience, and skill to work with and on many types of mediums. Need digital graphics, multimedia, or web-based content? No problem. Tell us your vision and we’ll design something for you.

On Site

CRP artists will come to your house or place of business and paint on a surface of your choice.

In Studio

CRP artists will paint a design of your choosing on a canvas.

Other mediums

These include fabric, textile, ceramic tile, wood, metal or other surfaces. Customize your world!

Size / Scale Breakdown

The size and scope of the mural may require the use of specific equipment. CRP trains its artists and follows all OSHA safety standards for installation and use of the following. We will consult with clients about the appropriate equipment access locations for projects. Additional costs may apply depending on the equipment needed.

  • Scaffolding – Used for long-term, intensive mural processes on larger scale walls (2 – 10 stories tall). Often better for projects with multiple volunteers and artists.
  • Lifts – Used to access taller locations (2 – 10 stories) with smaller groups of trained professional artists. In most cases requires level ground.
  • Swingstages – Used to access taller locations (above 3 stories working from the roof.
  • Ladders – Used for smaller projects up to 15 feet.

Products Used

Quality primers, clearcoats, Sacrificial wax, Spray Paint / Acrylics, Eco-Paint.

Additional Mural Components

  • Photography (CRP delivers high-resolution digital files of the mural process and / or finished project)*
  • Videography (can range from a short, roughly edited video to a short, professionally-edited, film)*
  • Public Events (CRP will facilitate, co-facilitate, and/or coordinate a public event or events before during or after project completion.)*
  • Promotion (CRP will promote a project, public event or a client on its website and social media platforms)*
  • Banners (CRP will create an individualized banner for your next work meeting or public event.)
  • Mural merchandise (CRP will create a custom screenprint of an image or images from a mural project on t-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, or other clothing items,)*
  • Web assets (CRP will create a custom website for a project, which can include additional educational, informational, or promotional resources, extended interviews, photo galleries, video clips, historical research, external links, etc.)*

Design Process

Depending on the project, budget, and timeline, CRP’s design process can range from a series of simple stakeholder meetings, to extensive historical research and in-depth interviews.

Design costs are determined by several factors:

  • the complexity of the surface for the mural
  • the amount of stakeholders that need to be engaged,
  • level of engagement (group meetings, one-on-one meetings, etc.),
  • any additional research that needs to be conducted by the artists;
  • the number of iterations of the design and the level of detail requested for the design.

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