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Professional Development

CRP affiliated artists have gone on to careers in the art world — creating murals internationally, producing solo art exhibitions and group shows, teaching mural classes, receiving cultural arts grants, being featured in documentaries, and covered in major art magazines.

How to Apply – send photos, website or CV along with a bio and a brief statement of why you are interested in painting with CRP.

Evaluation Process – We will review your materials and get back to you. Successful candidates will be offered opportunities for employment and future collaboration with CRP.


CRP loves to welcome and work with guest artists. Visiting artists can send work samples and a description of their style, approach and interests. CRP will consider its schedule and availability to involve you in existing projects.


Volunteering with CRP is a great way to build up project experience for young/developing muralists and graphic artists.

  • Fundraise – Contact donors, hold an event
  • Marketing/Outreach – social media, distribute flyers
  • Event assistant – Tabling, set-up, take-down, documentation
  • Mural assistant – Manage supplies, support artists, prep / get food, play music, social media

To volunteer, please fill out the form below or email with “volunteer” in the subject header.

Fiscal Sponsorship

As a 501(c)3, CRP can legally operate as the fiscal agent for projects that require them. We charge 5 – 15% of the total budget to handle administrative duties for your project. CRP can receive and distribute funds, handles tax filings, and provide accounting statements. Collaborating with CRP offers access to CRP’s $1 million non-profit liability insurance and wholesale rates for supplies and equipment rental (when available). Fiscal sponsorship benefits individual artists and smaller organizations by allowing them to utilize CRP’s annual budget in applications.

Community Service

CRP can provide volunteer hours for students need to complete community service requirements and adults assigned hours as part of their court sentencing or graduation requirements. CRP is registered with Alameda County’s Project 22. Volunteer support is also welcome.

Please use the form below to contact us:


    Work Sample (.jpg, .png or .gif) (2MB max)

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