Consulting Services

CRP are experienced at professional consulting for a variety of agencies, organizations, institutions, and businesses. We combine extensive knowledge of policy platforms with experiential-based understanding of logistics and existing conditions in a variety of subject and topic areas, including: Topics include: Mural History; Community Murals; Cultural Arts and Economic Development; Aerosol History and Aesthetics; Hip Hop History and Aesthetics; Place-based Sociology and Humanities; Graffiti Abatement and Alternative Abatement Methods; Best Practices in Community Engagement; Public Art Policy, Restorative Justice, Art Therapy, Murals and Messaging; and Creative Placemaking.

CRP’s consulting experience includes advising the City of Oakland’s Planning Department on best practices for instituting social equity into a planning process,  researching and developing original content for a major exhibition for the Oakland Museum of California, developing technical materials for the Center for Media Justice, researching and writing media policy papers for the Future of Music Coalition, researching and scripting original content for the Greenlining Institute, and researching photographic, and developing original content for Community Bank of the Bay.

In addition CRP staff have been part of coalitions which have successfully advocated for increased cultural arts investment; negotiated an estimated $20,000,000 community benefit agreements in private development; developed policy recommendations around sustainable cultural arts best practices and policy for the Oakland Creative Neighborhoods Coalition.

CRP staff also have extensive experience speaking, moderating, and coordinating public events such as lectures, presentations, and panel discussions, and have participated in cultural arts funding review juries, national and local TV shows. CRP has presented to civic leaders, artists, academics, politicians, city planners, and youth of all ages throughout the United States. The organization’s community engagement practices have been upheld by the city of Oakland’s Cultural Affairs Department, the National Funders Conference, and numerous media outlets, as a progressive model.

CRP consultants can put together customized and highly-detailed multimedia presentations, combine our consulting services with Painting, Special Projects or other Professional Services [add internal links to web pages]. Rates vary according to scope of project; for more information.

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