Public Art Platform

The Platform

  • Increase overall investment and commissioning of murals which enhance quality of life and livability; celebrate cultural diversity, heritage, and history; engage community; reduce blight and tag recidivism; beautify urban areas; promote economic development and public safety; offer other aesthetic benefits; and can significantly reduce abatement costs over time.
  • Establish a mural initiative in Oakland, utilizing case studies and best practices from other cities around the country and the world
  • Significantly shift ineffectual abatement spending into murals as an alternative method of deterrence and mitigation
  • Establish a citywide Mural Registry which protects artists’ rights and catalogs existing stock of public art
  • Promote community well-being and sense of identification with location as part of creative placemaking and creative placekeeping
  • Explore public-private partnerships as part of overall economic development and blight reduction strategy
  • Work with community organizations and non-profits with aligned missions to further objectives and policy goals
  • Develop and share best practices with other muralists, public art organizations, art historians, academics, and policymakers to create and update a robust body of knowledge.
  • Commission and develop a comprehensive comparative data-collection efforts valuating the benefits of murals, and determining cost-benefit analysis of murals vs. abatement over time.
  • Identify and commission mural projects on opportunity sites
  • Promote murals as intrinsic to the development of arts and cultural districts and as part of overall Cultural Plan
  • Promote murals as part of youth development and education initiatives
  • Promote murals as part of blight reduction, tag deterrence and beautification strategy
  • Promote murals as part of anti-violence, public awareness, and social and cultural equity initiatives
  • Identify and further develop the role of murals in enhancing and promoting public safety
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