Types of Murals

There are many different types of murals. Community murals, commercial murals, mural installations, abatement murals, temporary murals, banners, live-painting, opportunity sites, and the list goes on. With no limits to creativity, the only barriers are the physical dimensions of the surface.


Abatement Murals

Constantly repainting over tags can be a frustrating and expensive task. An abatement mural can beautify any wall, as well as provide long-term protection against tag recidivism. Abatement murals address issues of blight and vandalism which can depress property values and give the impression of neglect. They are similar to temporary murals, involving a different design process and pricing than full-scale murals. Abatement murals can be installed on permanent locations such as storefronts, or temporary locations, such as construction sites. To read more on abatement, abatement alternatives, and public art policy, click here.

Temporary Murals

Temporary murals — murals installed or painted at non-permanent locations, such as construction sites or vacant lots awaiting development– are a great way to employ local artists, reduce blight and vandalism, and generate community interest. These can be short-term public art initiatives developed in collaboration with private industry and municipalities, such as the Uptown Art Park , a partnership with the City of Oakland, corporate sponsors, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Temporary murals are sometimes commissioned as vandalism deterrents at development sites whose plywood surfaces make for an attractive canvas, and can also be installed at event-based activities, such as fairs, festivals, and block parties. These types of murals can be painted directly onto walls, or into canvasses, wood panels, or other surfaces — which allow the art to be removed later for future use. For rates and estimates contact CRP.

Commercial Murals

Murals for commercial clients can range from simple small-scale projects like signs and banners, to interiors of retail sites, to large-scale exterior walls, and complex projects involving multiple walls, scaffolding, lifts, or special equipment. Bring us your design or commission CRP to create one for you. An expert design process and pre-production consultation ensure quality control is maintained.

Community Murals

The tradition of community murals dates at least as far back as the “Wall of Respect,” painted in 1967 on Chicago’s South Side by an artists’ collective known as OBAC. The Wall of Respect was notable in that it was intended as a gift to the community, and therefore owned by the community itself. The Wall of Respect, which contained themes of social commentary, civil rights, and cultural identification, inspired dozens, if not hundreds of works in cities across the US. CRP honors the legacy and tradition of the Wall of Respect in its approach to painting murals which uphold, honor, and engage residents of the neighborhoods in which they are painted in.

Opportunity Sites

Opportunity sites can include: temporary murals, such as on the plywood surfaces surrounding new development projects; steel roll-down doors for businesses which can be tag magnets; high-visibility areas adjacent to public transit,freeway on- and  off-ramps, and through-ways; pop-up locations in unoccupied commercial retail units; rooftops; and non-municipally-owned private property operated by transit agencies, and utilities. Opportunity sites located near homeless encampments can instill positive mental health benefits and deter crimes of opportunity, while opportunity sites in otherwise-bleak and/or industrial locations can inject a vibrant and colorful dynamic intot he urban landscape.

Private Commissions

On Site
CRP artists will come to your house or place of business and paint on a surface of your choice.
In Studio
CRP artists will paint a design of your choosing on a canvas.
Other mediums
These include fabric, textile, ceramic tile, wood, metal or other surfaces. Customize your world!

Interactive Murals



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