Best Practices

CRP’s best practices for murals incorporate recommendations developed for muralists and those commissioning murals alike, and address everything from public safety, to site preparation, to clarification of potential legal issues, to hospitality for guest artists.

  • Community Engagement Activities
  • Permission from Property Owner
    • Clarification of VARA (and CAPA in California) Rights
  • Quality and Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • Safety Awareness and Procedures
    • Use of proper ventilators for aerosol projects
    • Adequate ventilation of indoor locations
    • Use of proper harnesses for lifts, scaffolds and swingstages
    • Correct techniques for ladders
  • Insurance
  • Design Process
    • Thorough documentation of site for all long distance communication
  • Research
  • Written Deliverables
  • Compensation (Stipends, Room, Board, and Per Diem when traveling)
    • Research and Design Process
    • Presentations
    • Meetings / Consultation
    • Mural Preparation
    • Mural Execution
    • Mural Maintenance
    • Guest Artists, Assistants, Interns and Youth
  • Preparation
    • Have materials ready
    • Access to location secure
    • Location cleared of obstacles
    • Transportation to the site
    • Provide meals onsite
    • Have an assistant available (if possible)
  • Documentation / Multimedia
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