"Vision Desde Arriba" (Vision From Above), Pancho Peskador

“Vision Desde Arriba” (Vision From Above), Pancho Peskador

CRP artist Pancho Peskador and Communications Director Eric Arnold are among a group of talented artists featured in “The Modern Animist,”   a new exhibit at Oakland’s SomaR bar, which opens Thursday, Sept. 11 and runs until October 18. Curated by Joanne Ludwig, the exhibit “honors our oneness by illustrating our connection to both nature and spirit.

Medicine Warriors, Pancho Peskador

“Medicine Warriors,” Pancho Peskador

“The term animism is derived from the Latin word anima meaning breath, life or soul. The animist believes that non-human entities possess a spiritual essence. Similarly, a piece of art is sometimes described as having its own spirit or possessing an energy. The artists breathes life into a canvas or by listening allows it to come to life. The painting becomes an entity, a piece of the artist and the greater whole. The process and outcome reminds us that all life is connected and all life is sacred.”

Madresita, Pancho Peskador

“Madresita,” Pancho Peskador

Several of Peskador’s canvases will be on display at the exhibit, representing another side to his many talents. Before moving to Oakland and joining CRP, Peskador studied at art school and was trained as a printmaker in his native Chile.

detail from Alice Street Mural, photo by Eric K. Arnold

detail from Alice Street Mural, photo by Eric K. Arnold

The exhibit will also feature a slideshow of digital photography by Arnold, a longtime photojournalist in the Bay Area who is also the founder and Editorial Director of Oakulture , a blog dedicated to documenting Oakland’s cultural renaissance.

detail from Alice Street mural, photo by Eric K. Arnold

detail from Alice Street mural, photo by Eric K. Arnold

Other artists featured in the exhibit include Shaun Burner [Trust Your Struggle], Joshua Coffy https://undersong.com/,Ernest Doty, [The Method Makers], and Ryan McJunkin [Faultline Artspacehttps://ryanmcjunkin.com/. The opening reception, held Thursday, Sept. 11 between 5-9pm, will feature live painting by Lauren Napolitano  and music by DJ Sake One. The closing “Artists Lounge” reception, featuring live music and art, will be Saturday Oct. 18, from 6-10pm at SomaR, 1727 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, 94612. Business Hours: Monday-Friday 4pm-2am Saturday 6-2am Every 2nd & 4th Sunday 9-2am Private viewings are available for serious inquiries. https://www.facebook.com/events/297834337058135/