Trust Your Struggle

Meet the Muralist: Priya Handa

Guest artist Priya Handa comes highly recommended. A member of the Precita Eyes families, she comes to the “AscenDance” mural as a veteran of community mural projects throughout California and internationally. Watching her work on this mural is a study in quiet — yet intense — focus and concentration.  Although she professes to be more comfortable with brushes than with words, she has an amazing story (or three) to tell about her experiences painting in other countries, how she communicates…

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CRP Participates in First-Ever Bay Area Mural Festival

The Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP) recently joined a handful of selected muralists to participate in the first-ever Bay Area Mural Festival (BAMF), held in late October 2017. Along with CRP, other invited artists included some of the Bay Area’s top muralists: Juana Alicia, Dan Fontes, Los Pobres Artistas, Trust Your Struggle, The Bay Baes, Daniel Camacho, Ernesto Olmos, Dave Kim, Daz, Dignidad Rebelde, Teodoro Saavedra, Caleb Duarte, Angel Jesus Perez, Eli Lippert, and Keneda Gibson Conceived as a co-partnership between…

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CRP Statement on Oakland’s Proposed Anti-Graffiti Ordinance

On November 2—just four days before the election—City Attorney Barbara Parker and Councilmember Nancy Nadel released a proposed amendment to Oakland’s municipal code which targeted graffiti vandals. Under the proposed ordinance— whose impetus reportedly came as a result of “Occupy”-style protests—graffiti would be classified a “public nuisance” and offenders charged with misdemeanors, rather than citations. The ordinance also calls for increased penalties—including fines as high as $750 per infraction—makes parents liable for damages caused by underage offenders, requires business and…

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