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Fox News Instigates Controversy over Boston Mural

Fox News is no stranger to using their position as “journalists” to promote one-sided arguments and even instigate censorship. So while it is not surprising that they have twisted their patriotism against Freedom of Speech, it is still nauseating. We’ve seen the media drum up attacks that have shifted policy and gotten people like Van […]

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Interview with Tunisian Aerosol Writer el Seed

Two weeks ago, CRP featured a story from CNN on el Seed. Writing in other alphabets outside of the phonetic is something that is both exciting and inspiring. It is particularly powerful when the artist is writing in their native language, as el Seed is. It is also especially interesting to see how the mainstream […]

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Judy Baca pioneers technology to save murals

Judy Baca is a master artist, a legendary muralist and a distinguished professor at the University of California at Los Angeles. She’s been awarded the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship and was Harvard’s Master Artist and Senior Scholar. Yet she says her most important revelation came not in a classroom nor in studio, but rather in the […]

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Community divided over new 24th St. Mission Plaza redesign

The Mission district of San Francisco has long been one of the prominent areas in the country for murals. It’s gentrification in the past decade has never been more evident than in the re-design plan for the 24th Street “Plaza.” Not a single artist artist for the project is from the Mission. And its not […]

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Water Activated Mural

Water Activated Mural?? Check this out…

Artist Adam Niklewicz’s Pearl Street Replication Of Historic Tree On Side Of Former Hartford Synagogue There’s a new mural in downtown Hartford, on the side of a building on Pearl Street. Just go to Bin 228 Winebar, cross the street and walk through the alley between TheaterWorks and the now-vacant former synagogue. Turn to your left and look […]

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Tunisian artist paints minaret, fights intolerance

Arabic is one of the most beautiful written languages. Aerosol writers such as Lavie Raven have been writing aerosol calligraphy in non-phonetic letters since the 90s. It is even more powerful when the movement is led by native writers of the language. This is the international (r)evolution of letters that is taking place around the world!  […]

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Cairo’s Aerosol Revolutionaries Reclaim Wall

Here is more on the battle between aerosol rebels and the authorities in Egypt. This speaks to the importance of unsanctioned writing in speaking truth to power. The aerosol movement has proven dangerous to the powers that be because it cannot be censored until after it has been written. It cannot be stopped. It can […]

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Egyptian authorities remove Mohamed Mahmoud’s revolutionary aerosol writing

This is an interesting perspective on unsanctioned writing. It is powerful that so many in the community became attached to this piece. Once again, the buff is used to censor revolutionary perspectives that empower the people. Aerosol writing covering the walls of Cairo’s iconic Mohamed Mahmoud Street off Tahrir Square was removed one again by […]

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crp la pena rac 15th_webster 002

CRP’s “Art Facts” Exhibit at La Pena Places Spotlight on Mural Collective’s Versatility and Vision

For Immediate Release – September 24, 2012 (Berkeley, CA) – With more than 100 completed murals in the last three years, Oakland-based artist collective Community Rejuvenation Project have put their stamp on public art in the East Bay. But “Art Facts,” a new gallery exhibit currently showing at Berkeley’s La Pena Cultural Center, shows a […]

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Urban Art-Fitters to beautify downtown alleys

Here is an exciting project taking place in El Paso. It is a beautiful collaboration between artists, property owners and the community. The realization that murals create an attractive neighborhood is powerful. The transformation is powerful and deep when everyone in the area gets behind it. We see this in large cities as well as […]

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