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CRP Murals Chosen as Backdrops By Conscious Hip-Hop Artists

Jahi and Desi Mundo on the set of PE2.0's "What We Need" video

For the past four years, the Community Rejuvenation Project has been putting in work deep in the trenches of Oakland’s streets, painting murals with images and messages of upliftment, inspiration, struggle, and resistance. Recently, it’s come to our attention that several of our murals have been used as backdrops for videos by conscious rappers with […]

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“Here and Now” Live-Painting Event Features CRP Artists

detail from Alice Street mural, photo by Eric K. Arnold

Street Art in Oakland is on the rise. Many streets in West and East Oakland  have been turned into virtual galleries with vibrant murals of urban expression, and Uptown/downtown isn’t far behind. Not surprisingly, these efforts – which include the approximately 100 Oakland murals painted by the Community Rejuvenation Project over the last three years […]

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