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Community Rejuvenation Project - A Pavement to Policy Mural Arts Organization
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Most Recent Posts

CRP’s “Warriors” Mural: A Collaborative Effort - The mural team (photo: Eric K. Arnold) Recently, CRP got a call from Oakland's District 6 Councilmember, Loren Taylor, about a new anti-blight mural opportunity in East Oakland. To avoid… - Continue Reading
Oakland’s Cultural Affairs Commission Returns — To A Rapidly-Shifting Cultural Landscape - When Oakland last had a Cultural Affairs Commission, Jean Quan was mayor, the Warriors still played at Oracle Arena, and widespread displacement had yet to take effect. - Continue Reading
Community Rejuvenation Project and The Greenlining Institute Announce New Mural Project in Oakland - Site of the new mural in downtown Oakland The Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP and the Greenlining Institute announced today a large-scale mural project in downtown Oakland). Over the next few… - Continue Reading
Phase 2: Respect the Architect - Classic Phase 2 flyer from the 1980s. In terms of cultural impact, Phase 2 lands as a juxtaposition of two legendary Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) luminaries: Imhotep -- the architect of… - Continue Reading
Reevaluating the State of the Arts in Oakland - Creative equity solutions require more than sticky notes. (photo : Eric K. Arnold, courtesy of EQTDTO) Oakland’s Cultural Affairs Department (CAD) is severely underfunded and understaffed. According to a memo… - Continue Reading
 A Mural For Jennifer - This past November, CRP Executive Director and Founder Desi Mundo unveiled a new mural at the Eastmont branch of the Oakland Library. The painting was the artist’s most deeply-personal work… - Continue Reading
CRP Pays Tribute to Fallen SW Hip-Hop Legend Wake Self - On November 3rd, Southwestern hip-hop rising star Wake Self--aka Andrew Martinez--was fatally injured in a car accident  in Santa Fe New Mexico, reportedly caused by a drunk driver who swerved… - Continue Reading
Oakland’s Public Art Ordinance Upheld -   If you’ve been in and around downtown Oakland recently, you may have noticed the area has become proliferate with murals -- even though one of Oakland’s most iconic downtown… - Continue Reading
The Commodification of Public Art (Op/Ed) - Recently, Pacific Standard magazine  wrote an article about public art in Oakland. Specifically, the story addressed mural brokers, middlemen who connect fat cat developers with artistic talent – for a fee.… - Continue Reading
Public Art, BART, and Scraper Bikes - What do public art, BART, and Scraper Bikes all have in common? They are all connected in a new mural painted by CRP’s Desi Mundo. The mural, located on BART-owned… - Continue Reading
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