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Ken Houston and the Fallacy of the Abatement-Industrial Complex

"Graffiti Cove," an unsupervised free wall, is a chaotic jumble of disorderly tags

Fourteen months ago, in January 2014, self-proclaimed “community advocate” and wanna-be Oakland Mayoral candidate Ken Houston addressed a roomful of business owners, mass transit corporate executives, high-ranking police officers, journalists and a sprinkling of local and state elected officials or their representatives, invited on behalf of the East Oakland Beautification Council, a community initiative developed under […]

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CRP Announces Block Party to Celebrate Completion of Alice St. Mural

Detail from Phase II of the Alice St. Mural

For Immediate Release – May 6, 2015 (Oakland, CA) – The Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP), an Oakland-based non-profit whose mission is to uphold and uplift community through holistic murals, has announced a block party to celebrate the completion of Phase II of its historic Alice St. Mural. The event will be held in the parking […]

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