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The Saga of Cleveland’s Controversial “137” Mural

The "No Convictions" mural in Collinwood

Public art exists in a space between censorship, gentrification, community engagement, and notions of aesthetic value. These are the takeaways from a recent mural painted in Cleveland by CRP Executive Director and founder Desi Mundo, which became a source of controversy as well as a catalyst for a lengthy community discussion around these topics. It […]

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CRP, #SupportMalonga Coalition Announce Mediation Agreement With Bay Development

The March for #EquitableDevelopment rallied in front of City Hall

In Fall 2015, the Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP) completed the Alice St. Mural, after two years of work. The mural reflected a new model for community engagement—dozens of interviews with cultural practitioners and neighborhood residents were completed—and represented a successful application of the city of Oakland’s underutilized anti-blight mural fund. Yet just a few months […]

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